Cloud Backup Solutions

Why do you need remote backup services?

•Save money
•Conserve valuable resources
•Less downtime means more productivity
•24/7 monitoring
•Peace of mind

Infobox Cloud Backup
Infobox Cloud Backup

Infobox has dedicated servers and a
custom built application which will back up your data during off hours. During the backup process we use the power of the cloud to securely transport your data onto our enterprise class custom built servers. Backing up your data offsite is extremely important, this can help prevent data loss even against catastrophic events. Recovery is equally as secure and reliable as our backup solution, a quick service call, and you can have your data restored in no time.

We also specialize in data center disaster recovery. Fires, hurricanes and other catastrophic events can hit a company at any time with little or no warning. Having a solid disaster recovery plan can be the difference between having information to restore a business with or starting from scratch. Without a well thought out recovery plan, businesses are gambling with their livelihood that nothing will go wrong.

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